Diane J. Grazette-Collins painting
Bruno, Eno and Ausby paintings Cheryl Hanna collage
Artists' bios
When Brooklyn Artists Speak, Art Listens Oil and acrylic on canvas 40 X 18 inches
C. Bangs painting

Art Captions:

Top left:
Beautiful, date unknown
Acrylic on canvas
25 1/2 X 31 1/2 inches

Second from the left, top:
Ovule Web, 2000
Oil and ink on canvas, fabric, thread, glass, seeds
40 x 40 inches

Third from the left, top:
Spiritual Vessel, date unknown
Acrylic on canvas
31 x 72 inches

Top right:
An Encounter with Three, 1992
Collage on board,
32 1/4 x 27 1/2 inches

Bottom left:
The Green Man & Spiral Galaxy   NGC 4414, date unknown
Oil and acrylic with mica
50 X 38 inches


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danny simmons

Danny Simmons’ quest focuses on revealing the spiritual in art. For him the spirit of a work overrides its physicality or graphic properties. He is a gallery owner, a curator and a Brooklyn artist.

otto neals

Otto Neals is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, stone and wood carver. He has been commissioned by both the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation and the Prospect Park Alliance. Other commissions include ten bronze plaques for the “Harlem Walk of Fame,” His works are in many public and private collections including those of Randy Weston, Harry Belafonte and Oprah Winfrey.

paula overbay

Paula Overbay is represented by Jeffrey Coploff Fine Art Ltd. in New York, New York and Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery in Portland, Oregon. She was born Longview, Washington and educated at Carnegie-Mellon University and at Pacific Northwest Collge of Art in Portland, Oregon.

lynn hassan

Lynn Hassan lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work has been exhibited on the East and West coast of the United States, as well as Eastern Europe, her work includes installations, mixes media, drawing and photography.

diane j. grazette-collins

Diane J. Grazette-Collins lives and works in Brooklyn. She creates abstract paintings in acrylic. She has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions. She is a member of the Fulton Art Consortium.

nikki terry

Nikki Terry is native of Baltimore, Maryland. Residing in Brooklyn for the past 9 years. She has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions. She is a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts studying Art Therapy.

kristin brenneman eno

Kristin Brenneman Eno paints spaces of light against dark, dark against light. She also paints seeds—shapes that evoke life, peace, and fullness. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an EdM from Columbia University Teachers College in Art Education. She has been making art since she was a young child. Eno founded the Rehumanize Memorial Quilt.

c bangs

C Bangs concentrates on the cosmological ecological informed by cutting edge science. Since 2001 she has worked for NASA as an artist faculty fellow. Her public collections include the Chrysler Museum and the Library of Congress.

richard lamb

Suburban sprawls, cowboys and Indians, plastic soldiers and animals are all game pieces brought together in a mental landscape of fun, chance, color and conflict. Historical refuse is suspended in a chaotic kaleidoscopic atmosphere that is the American landscape—still lives waiting to play.

david lantow

Since earning his MFA from Brooklyn Collage in 1987, where he now teaches printmaking, David Lantow has worked professionally as an artist and a fine art lithographer. The foundation of his work is improvisational and rooted in drawing. His creation makes reference to personal encounters and travel, often to worlds of his own.

nola zirin

Nola Zirin is a Brooklyn artist working in abstract paintings. She was educated at the School of Visual Arts. Zirin is a Master Printmaker and holds a BS from New York University, and a MA from Boston University. Zirin is a member of the Abstract Artists Association, New York and her work was reviewed by Art in America at June Kelly Gallery in November 2003.

jamillah jennings

Jamillah Jennings lives and works in Brooklyn. She holds a MFA from Pratt Institute and a BFA from the The School of Visual Arts in painting and sculpture. Jennings’ work was reviewed by The Amsterdam News in December, 2003 and by The Caribbean Life in 2004. Jennings expresses herself in a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, prints and sculptures.

ellsworth ausby

Ellsworth Ausby lives and works in Brooklyn. He holds a BFA from Pratt Institute. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts from 1979 to the present. Among other places, he has exhibited at the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi and Port of History Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ausby was American Representative at “FESTAC” Lagos, Nigeria.

cheryl hanna

Cheryl Hanna has lived and worked in Brooklyn for over two decades. A collagist who incorporates both found and accidental motifs and techniques, she also works in an iconography of the spirit, incorporating storytelling, fairy tales, graffiti and a pre-literate “language of the lost” into her work.

willie mae brown

Will May Brown paints her dreams. All of her works are stories on canvas, influenced by what she is experiencing, what she has seen, or what has been revealed to her in her dreams. Her approach to painting is completely spiritual; it is not deliberate.

charla puryear

My art form is called frottage. I wrap canvas around trees and rocks, apply paint to the canvas and, by rubbing, transfer the texture onto the canvas. These textures provide the foundation for my paintings, which are completed in my studio. Frottage painting is my way of collaborating with rocks and trees, and honoring them by amplifying their voices.